Creating the Next Wolf Tee

August 4th, 2009


If you’re hip, by now you’ve heard of the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt. Even MJ’s Ex Debbie Rowe has been photographed sporting the designer T. The AP reports that The Mountain said they are selling thousands of shirts a day. While you might not be in the market to design and sell your own T’s on the net, the idea behind this is a good one. With interesting artwork, not just plain text, you can create something special. Something everyone will want to wear. Whether its for your company, organization or even a family reunion you can make your personalized products more interesting – we’re here to help.

With Ts you can do non-typical placement like one of the bottom corners, along the side seam or over the shoulder. Or, like the Wolf T, utilize the whole front or back of the shirt. In addition to placement, you can make your shirts more interesting with adding designs to your text. For the Smith Family Reunion, for example, add a graphic of a tree with branches to your Ts and have everyone sign their names in permanent marker as a keepsake. For the Class of 1979 reunion incorporate funky swirls or shooting stars around your school’s name. If you’re looking for something more prestigeous to represent your company you could use a crest design and incorporate a banner with your company name in it. The possibilities for interesting apparel are endless. Who knows, maybe your design could be worn by Lisa Marie!

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Finding Green Products

August 3rd, 2009

Green1Green2Trying to go green with your purchases to invest in the future of the earth?  Well many textile companies are trying to do theirpart and are begining to offer eco-friendly products.  Gone are the days of a choice between only 100% Cotton or 50/50 blends.  There are some new fabric options in town including Organic Cotton, Bamboo, Recycled Polyester and Modal. Organic Cotton is the same as regular cotton only it is grown without the use of chemicals. Some benefits to it are that its hypoallergenic and machine washable and cotton is also biodegradable. Bamboo is breathable and resists UV rays.  Its a great renewable plant that can grow up to a foot a day. Recycled Polyester is made from post-consumer waste and fabric remnants and reduces the need for oil and the production of it produces less pollution.  This material is wind and rain resistant. Modal is colorfast and fade resistant and made from beech trees.

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K-Fed should have called

August 2nd, 2009

KevinFederline3aRecently Kevin Federline hit the golf course for a tournament and he wasn’t looking in the best shape.  If Kevin would have given us a call we could’ve helped him out.  The first thing we would have recommended was a performance apparel golf shirt.  A lot of people get a scared when they hear the word ‘polyester.’  On occasion people will flash back to their days in a discotheque or  think of John Travolta in “Staying Alive.” The reality is, performance apparel will wick away the sweat on those hot days on the golf course and keep you cool and dry while your friends are feeling hot and sticky.  We would have advised Kevin that the yellow golf shirt might not be the most flattering shirt  on him.   Our suggestion would have been to go with a golf shirt that’s meant to be worn untucked.  Now a days its all about marketing and branding your product.  Some other options for K-Fed would have been to have some printed golf balls with the name of his album on it or a baseball cap with ‘K-Fed’ on it so people don’t forget who he is.  Don’t make the Kevin Federline mistake.  Let us help.

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Lyndon State College Alumni Chooses Gail Force Designs

April 8th, 2009

Gail Force Designs is now the exclusive distributor of Alumni apparel and gifts for Lyndon State College in Vermont. GFD is very excited about this new venture and their partnership with the Alumni office at LSC. There is a wide range of products offered through the company’s sister website and GFD hopes to expand the catalog of items over the coming year.

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Leisure Suits and Performance Apparel

April 7th, 2009









When people think of polyester it usually takes them back in time when people were sporting leisure suits and butterfly collars. Times have changed and now polyester has made a comeback but in a good way. Performance Apparel formerly known as polyester started to make a comeback with runners, mountain bikers and adrenaline junkies. Now performance apparel has hit the main stream with golfers, construction workers and business people who proudly sport the polo shirts and t-shirts.

Why has it made a comeback?

Well unlike cotton, performance apparel can help wick away moisture.
We’ve all been rained on or worked too long out in the sun with our 100% cotton shirts. First the shirt becomes wet then it starts to stick and then you start to feel a cold chill. That’s where polyester will help wick away the moisture and not stick to you and feel like sandpaper.

If you have any questions about performance apparel let us know.

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Summer is Coming! Bridal Showers/ Weddings

April 7th, 2009

custom_embroidery_RobeSummer is a busy time for bridal showers and weddings. When friends or family members get married it can often be hard to come up with an original gift, an item that won’t be duplicated by anyone else. 
A traditional favorite is the monogramed bath towel set. Even if you don’t know the happy couples favorite colors or the color of their decor, you can always go with white towels with black embroidery for a classy look. Something a little more fun might be his and her bathrobes embroidered with either their first names, Husband and Wife or Mr. and Mrs. Add to it a bottle of Champaign or Wine and they are all set for an evening in. For the world travelers who are always on the go seeking out fun and adventure, you might consider a gift of monogrammed luggage – helpful in grabbing the right bag off the luggage carousel at the airport! Really, the possibilities of building your unique gift are endless!

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Embroidery Tech Tips

April 7th, 2009

Do you need to brand your sales staff when they’re out on the road, your customer service staff for when clients come into your office? When you are looking to have embroidery done, the first thing you need is a clean image of your logo. It can be either an electronic file or a print out we can scan. Logos that will be embroidered on the chest of a shirt or jacket will generally not be any larger than 3″ square. If there is any small text (less than 1/4″ in height) it will not embroider cleanly and is best left out of the design. Hats and Fleece Headbands have a smaller embroidery field which will also limit what you can put on them. On a hat, the field is generally about 2″ high by 3″ wide and on a fleece headband it is less than 1″ high by 2″ wide. You can still brand these items, but you may need to make adjustments to what is being included from your logo on them.

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